In the heart of Tehran, where the skyline met the mountains, I was born with wings on my back. At least, that's what my father used to say. Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of flying. The desire to soar above the clouds and glide through the endless blue sky became a passion that consumed me. But as I grew older, I realized that my dreams were far from the reach of reality.

Early Days

Growing up, I was surrounded by friends who shared my love for aviation. Together, we would build model airplanes, study the mechanics of flight, and visit local airports to watch planes take off and land. The days were filled with joy, and the nights were spent gazing at the stars, imagining ourselves flying among them.

My family supported my dreams, and my father, an engineer, would often share stories of aviation pioneers. Instead of attending airshows, which were rare in Iran, we would spend weekends visiting local airports and aviation museums, where I would meet pilots, watch planes take off and land, and learn about different aircraft.

In school, I worked hard to excel in my studies, especially in subjects that would aid my aviation career. English, mathematics, and physics were my strong suits. My teachers were supportive, and they encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

Pursuing the Dream

After completing high school, I enrolled in a renowned flight school in Iran. Excitedly, I thought I was one step closer to achieving my dreams. However, the reality was harsher than I expected.

The scarcity of aircraft in the country became a significant obstacle. Iran's limitations on aircraft acquisition had led to a shortage that affected aspiring pilots like me. Training hours were limited, and the wait for a chance to fly was long and frustrating.

Our lessons often consisted of theoretical classes and simulator sessions. While valuable, they couldn't replace the real experience of flying. My classmates and I would spend hours discussing techniques, weather patterns, and navigation, but our hands ached for the controls of a real plane.

Struggles and Determination

Despite the difficulties, I was determined to succeed. My instructors were skilled and dedicated, and they made every effort to provide us with the best training possible. Yet, the lack of aircraft meant that our progress was slow.

Months turned into years, and my dreams seemed to slip further away. Friends who had started with me gave up, discouraged by the prolonged wait. But I persisted, fueled by my passion and the support of my family.

I took up part-time jobs to support myself and continued to study and practice on simulators. The path was hard, but I never lost sight of my goal.

Finally, Skybound

Eventually, my persistence paid off. After years of waiting, I earned my wings and became a certified pilot. The moment I took off for the first time, I knew that all the struggles were worth it.

Flying over the landscapes of Iran, I felt a connection to the sky that was deeper than ever before. The difficulties of finding a job in Iran due to the country not having enough aircraft had made my journey hard, but it had also made me resilient.

I began working for a small airline, flying domestic routes. Every day in the cockpit was a reminder of what I had overcome. I knew that my story was one among many, a testament to the challenges and triumphs of pilots in my country.

Reflections and Conclusion

As I look back on my journey, I see a path marked by struggle, perseverance, and passion. The challenges were numerous, but they shaped me into the pilot I am today.

Life is filled with challenges, and the road to success is often paved with difficulties. My journey as a pilot in Iran taught me that perseverance and determination can overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

For those who dream of flying, don't let challenges deter you. Keep reaching for the sky, and you will find your wings. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining, and the sky is not the limit but the beginning.


  • acquisition: the act of acquiring or gaining possession.
  • aircraft: a vehicle that can fly, such as an airplane or helicopter.
  • aviation: the art or science of flying.
  • certified pilot: a pilot who has completed all required training and exams.
  • cockpit: the front part of an airplane where the pilots sit.
  • daunting: seeming difficult to deal with in anticipation; intimidating.
  • determined: having a firm or fixed purpose.
  • domestic routes: flying within the borders of a country.
  • enrolled: to sign up or register for something, such as a school or program.
  • instructors: teachers or trainers, especially in a practical subject.
  • mechanics: the branch of physics that deals with the motion of objects.
  • obstacle: something that blocks one's way or prevents progress.
  • persisted: to continue firmly or obstinately in a course of action.
  • perseverance: persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay.
  • resilient: able to withstand or recover from difficult situations.
  • scarcity: the state of being scarce or in short supply.
  • simulators: devices that replicate real-life experiences, such as flying an aircraft.
  • theoretical classes: lessons focused on theories and principles, rather than practical skills.

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